Last Saturday's match was once again another challenging one. However, HMS managed to keep a close score regardless of having injured players and lack of substitutes. Numerous goals coming from left back Nicholas Fava and right winger Stefan Meli kept the gap close, ending the half with a deficit of 6 goals.

In the second half HMS started on the wrong footing and phoenix scored 3 consecutive goals. However an early time out taken by Bryan Pace immediately saw HMS bounce back reducing the gap to 3 goals. The opposition immediately felt the pressure and the introduction of the foreigners gave the advantage to phoenix, thus allowing them to win the game.

Left back Nicholas Fava was asked to comment after the game:

"Even with a number of players injured, the team still put up a great fight for the whole length of the game. Every player was key in an increasingly efficient attack and at the same time relentless in defense. The shortage of players had us playing on energy reserves however, and that was the determining factor in what would have otherwise been a well-balanced game."

Score: Swieqi Phoenix Gasan Mamo Ins. 28 - 21 HMS Parthenope