Partille Cup is a world renowned handball tournament which is held on a yearly basis in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2015, the tournament saw over 1000 teams from over 40 countries participating, making it the largest youth handball tournament in the world. HMS embarked on an adventure at this prestigious event with 2 teams, one in the U-21 and another in the U-18 categories.

Together with head coach Bryan Pace, the management managed to enrol a total of 15 players who had the opportunity to play handball against top teams from all over the world. The trip was planned between the 29th June and the 5th July 2015. The boys’ busy schedule included a total of 16 games in 4 days, managing to gain points with a number of positive and encouraging performances.

The team had the honour to participate and represent Malta during the official opening ceremony of the Partille Cup, one of the most anticipated events during the tournament. Moreover, the boys had the opportunity to watch a few matches, including the final, from the EHF European Open Championship, which is an U-19 international handball tournament with top national teams participating.

The experience was an educational and cultural one, with participants having the opportunity to tour the city on a boat ride through the canals of Gothenburg. Team building and bonding was also enhanced during a fun and unforgettable day at Liseberg, the largest amusement park in Northern Europe.

In general, the initiative was a major success for the club with young players given the opportunity to participate in such a prestigious tournament overseas. Not only does this opportunity allow young players to grow in the game of handball but also allows them to grow in character, while giving them a personal experience they will cherish for a long time.