In their second game of the season, HMS faced another tough team, that of Kavallieri. Although Kavallieri are a stronger team on paper, HMS started on the same footing pairing every goal they conceded. However during the last 5 minutes of the first half fatigue played its part and Kavallieri gained an advantage of 5 goals.

During half time, coach Bryan Pace pointed some errors to his players. This immediately left an impact during the beginning of the second half as the gap was reduced to a deficit of 2 goals. However Kavallieri's experience showed as they were controlling the game, increasing the gap gradually throughout the half.

Right winger Stefan Meli was asked to comment after the game:

"Yesterday's game was one we went in for knowing that the odds were stacked against us. Despite this, we entered the court full of heart and managed to play some very nice handball, and most importantly, we put up a good fight till the very last minute. We had good moments, both in attack and in defense, and also managed to capitalize on their mistakes by converting some of their lost balls in fast transitions. I believe that a match like this can help us pinpoint key areas we need to improve on, and I look forward to doing this in training. Despite not being favourites, our team is young, dedicated, hardworking and all the players have a hunger to improve and do better. Plus the team spirit is great. I believe this will be a great season for HMS."

Score: Kavallieri RS2 30 - 19 HMS Parthenope