The final game of the MHA Cup against Luxol showed the other side of HMS ending with a negative note. From the beginning of the game the HMS players found it difficult to find the net seeing Luxol increasing the margin during 1st half. Second showed a slight improvement however it wasn't easier for our players and continued to suffer from the opponents attack.

Regardless of this match, HMS showed a positive start to their new season with great performances and the players are looking to improve and challenge every team throughout the season

Kurt Sapiano was asked to comment after the game:

"It’s good to see the positive outcomes of last Saturday’s match against Luxol, however it is more important to see what we did wrong. Every player should evaluate what he thinks he could have done better, but more importantly how he can overcome or improve in this flaw so that he won’t repeat it in the upcoming games. Of course, we all make mistakes but we must keep these to a minimum, and this can only be done by training harder.

I enjoyed every minute of the game, and was only frustrated afterwards not because we lost, but for the simple reason that we made too many avoidable mistakes which in turn cost us the game."

Score: HMS Parthenope 15 - 32 Luxol Club Class