The game against Aloysians was once again a very close one. HMS gave their utmost and together with their team spirit, they scored the first goal keeping a minimal advantage of 2 goals throughout most of the first half. However, in the final 5 minutes of the half Aloysians gained the upper hand and ended with a goal advantage. Slight changes during half time immediately saw HMS bounce back, regaining their lead until the 45th minute of the game. However thanks to a series of penalties and attacks from Aloysians' foreign right side, HMS ended up losing the game by 5 goals.

We would like to congratulate Andrew Tabone for being awarded the man of the match and also, player of the week.

Left winger Francis Buhagiar was asked to comment after the game:

"St Aloysians are always a tough team to beat. Although we lost the game with 5 goals, we were always close to St Aloysians. We started the match on a very good tempo, pairing the goals and even taking the lead for a period of time but ended the 1st half with 1 goal short. During the half time we were determined that we are still close and would try anything to beat our opponents. We managed to enter the game and score a few goals which helped us take the lead again, but St Aloysians' experienced players managed to come back to take the lead and control the game till the end of the match.

While congratulating St Aloysians for the 3 points, I'm still proud with our performance and confident that there is a lot more on what we can improve."

Score: HMS Parthenope 24 - 29 Aloysians VonTaine